What Customers Think About Will Webber

I could not have asked for a better Realtor.

“Words cannot describe how easy Will made the usually stressful, time consuming process of house hunting. A little background: I had been living at home, saving money, and purchasing items to move out. After filling an entire room and discussing with friends and family the pros and cons of buying a house, my parents put me in contact with a very good friend of theirs (cue Will). I gave him a call, and we met to discuss my wants, needs, gotta haves, and my wish lists. With those few minute details we were off, and browsing first online to sort through what I would call the stuff I don’t like. I believe Will uses this as a P1070349bwhat kind of taste you have. That would in turn help him guide you towards houses you like. We looked at several. Some needed a lot of work, some were in great shape, but a little too far out of reach financially (I mean $2,000,000 just isn’t in my budget right now, so Will said we would nix those houses as not to waste my time.) We after a couple months of looking, I found the perfect starter home for my family. Negotiations began, and what do you know, the buyer accepted. Of course with most home transactions there were speed bumps that arose with the seller, however, Will helped negotiate on my behalf and wound up getting me what I wanted. I could not have asked for a better Realtor. He is funny, bright, and most of all intelligent. He isn’t one to just sell a house to you, his goal is to find the perfect house for you. When the time comes to get a bigger house Will is who I will be calling.”
— Matt Pettinella, Suburban Wilmington, DE 

We have had THREE flawless transactions.

P1070344“Who has ever had a real estate transaction that was stress free?  We have had THREE flawless transactions.  (The first purchase was handled over the phone when a “bag phone” was the hot technology in 1989.  We always kid him about his continuously updated tools to do his job).  Will Webber was our guide for a purchase, then a sale, and lastly the purchase of this amazing home we are proud to own today.  Thank you again and again and again, Will Webber.”
  — Joe and Belma Prosceno, Airport Coin Shop, Wilmington, DE

He became a trusted friend.

Will Webber was my agent when it was time to buy my first home. The mess of paperwork222 Tralee was overwhelming. I had real anxiety and fear about this chapter in my life. Will was patient and thorough. He became a trusted friend. For this reason, when my sisters or my parents need an expert, Will Webber will be the only choice for their success.
— Happy Buyer, Middletown, DE


Will Webber has focus that never misses the goal.  How does he balance that intensity? With humor!  Those are his gifts.”
  — Rick Katz, Pike Creek, DE

Then we met Will Webber.

We had some terrible experiences with previous real estate transactions.  Then we met 118 Country Side Will Webber.  Our view of the entire profession was changed.  “We need the bad ones out there so that the rest of us look good” is what Will says about people with lesser standards or skills.  Since we met Will Webber, there have been no Buyer or Seller real estate related horror stories to tell.”
  — Steve & Lindsay, Suburban Wilmington, DE


Will is the consummate professional.

I have had the good fortune to know Will Webber for many years.  Will is the consummate professional.  When it comes to homes and real estate Will knows the market and the region.  Will brings over two decades of experience to helping his clients purchase the perfect home.  He also has the skill to sell homes for the best possible price.  A brief chat with Will is all that is necessary to understand his commitment to the job. I am impressed with Will’s dedication to community and his familiarity with Delaware and the region.  Will has been a longtime resident of Newark and is a good neighbor.  I appreciate Will’s kindness and his composed demeanor.  I always enjoy my friendly and funny interactions with Will and I know you will as well.  

  — Paul Baurenschmidt, Newark, DE

 101 Bent Ln 19711

I recommend Will to anyone.

 While we wanted to buy a house, I was dreading the entire process as complicated and anxiety-provoking. After meeting our Realtor, Will, he quickly set us at our ease, answering our questions and demystifying the process. He has been readily available for questions and guidance regardless of day or time, and has gone out of his way to accommodate our wants and needs. Through his support, we were able to find the right home that not only met our criteria, it exceeded them! I recommend Will to anyone about to enter the real-estate search: he is highly skilled and helpful via his professional knowledge and his interpersonally supportive nature.

  — Charlotte Selig, Psy.D., and MaryAlice Kramer (daughter & mother), Newark, DE


106 Tanglewood, Newark 19711A high degree of knowledge. 

Will Webber is the utmost professional providing required information, meeting deadlines and very focused on each transaction.  He demonstrates a high degree of competence and past collab0rative efforts demonstrate his dedication to professionalism.  Working with Will over the past 25 years has been pleasant and professional as Will has demonstrated a high degree of knowledge in many areas involving the real estate business while representing his clients and customers.”

— Cindy Johnston, RE/MAX

One of the most helpful and kindest people we know.

Will Webber is one of the most helpful and kindest people we know.  Look up the words ‘Good Neighbor’ in the dictionary.  There! Can you see his picture?” 

— Monroe and Mary Hite
, Newark, DE

We wish him continued successes.2708 Point Breeze 19810

When I work with Will Webber, he makes favorable impressions by both his kindness and his professionalism.  You do not often see the level of humanity in business!  My team and I are fortunate to work with Will and we wish him continued successes.”  

– Loan Officer and Repeat Customer

, Wilmington, DE

Dependable and persistent.

Ask me about Will Webber.  Dependable is the best word!  My history includes being the office manager for a real estate firm.  Over the course of time, I saw Will handle pressure and I have witnessed attacks that would wither other agents. Today, I have the pleasure of sharing what I observed.  Will Webber is a gentleman and always went the extra mile for his clients.  He is persistent in his approach to resolving problems to have a win-win outcome for everyone.  Will Webber gets the job done.” 

— L.M., Christiana, DE

He completely exceeded my expectations.

Will Webber helped me a couple of years ago when I was in the market for a home.  He 10 highland 19711completely exceeded my expectations, and I had already set high expectations thanks to his great reputation in the business community.  Because he was an appraiser many years before launching his real estate business, he has a keener eye than do most real estate agents.  He kindly pointed out structural issues I wouldn’t have noticed, steering me away from homes I would have otherwise purchased and later regretted.  He put my best interests first.  For that, I am so thankful that I worked with Will.”

Brooke Grubb, Newark, DE

Kindness and respect.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my opinion regarding Will Webber. I met Will through the Chambers of Commerce Networking Group (LNG).  Will Webber exemplifies kindness and respect and is extremely knowledgeable as a Realtor. Throughout his presentations and one-on-ones, he demonstrates how dedicated he is to his customers in providing superior service.  He has a positive attitude and is very enthusiastic.  Many connections at the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce and the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce know his work firsthand.  Will Webber is a respected resource.”

Michelle Reynolds, Middletown, DE


Details? Will Webber knows more about how and why and where and when and other details than anybody I know when the subject is homes, locations, quality of construction, schools, Green Technology, flood zones, superfund sites, negotiations, timing, zoning, properly chosen words, available inventory, prices, “out-of-the-box-solutions”, well-written explanations, great partners for our success (lenders, lawyers, roofers, painters, movers, and more).  Yup.  That was a long sentence because Will Webber’s skills are that broad. 

Anoymous, Hockessin, DE

Our Angel

We needed somebody to defend our position during a difficult real estate transaction.  God brought Will Webber to us at just the right moment.  Will says our meeting was due to his excellent marketing.  Who knows?  The results were perfect!  Will Webber exceeded all of our expectations and delivered on every promise he made!  Will is a rare and highly motivated advocate!

Anoymous Buyer & Seller, Bellefonte, DE

By far, the very best . . .

By far, the very best real estate transaction I have ever experienced was due to the efforts of Will Webber.  Over the years, he has earned important referrals to my friends and my family.  We were lucky to find him, and we will continue to support his professional status with this recommendation.

Anonymous, Very Happy Repeat Customer, Greeneville, DE

During our first interview, Will Webber set the expectations.  His final comment that evening was, “I will earn future business and referrals based on everything I do for you starting now and forever”.  This man keeps his word.  Anonymous


We needed to sell and our previous Realtor had died.  We needed an expert.  By way of referral from a trusted colleague, we were delighted to meet Will Webber.  Regrets?  Just one.  When our transaction was complete, we realized, we could have had Will’s help years ago.  We share the story of our success with friends and family.  Will is resourceful and tireless.  We endorse Will’s skills and GLADLY give referrals.  Anonymous Seller and Buyer. 


Will Webber is amazing.  He earned more of our trust with every conversation.  His standards and core values are admirable.  Friendship was an unexpected byproduct of our experience.  A bonus.  It was not work.  It was a joy.  Anonymous Buyer. 


When the mission is about patience and persistence, call Will Webber.  I have watched him work through very tangled sales that involve clearing estates, which calls for organization and balance.  Will Webber got us the most money available when we sold Mom’s house.  Example?  Every heir had his own perspective.  Getting all of the people on the same page was the challenge.  Where do Greed and Logic and Sentiment and Paperwork find common ground?  Will Webber knows.  Anonymous Heir


How confusing is it to sell a house?  All confusion went away when Will Webber explained every paper and every step that got us to where we needed to be.  Will was even able to project into the future which took away our stress.  We could not have done it without him!  He missed nothing and we now own the home of our dreams.  Thank you Will Webber.  Anonymous Seller and Buyer. 


The consummate realty professional.

I have always found Will to be the consummate realty professional. Very organized and very technical in the area of value of a residential property, areas to be addressed in order to seek highest value when it is time to sell, or buy. I would recommend Will’s service as your real estate professional.

Ron Bevan