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    will webber

    “Will has the skill to sell homes for the best possible price. A brief chat is all that is necessary to understand his commitment to the job.”

    –Paul Baurenschmidt, Newark

    “We wanted to buy a house, but I was dreading the entire process.  Too complicated and anxiety-provoking. After meeting our Realtor, Will, he quickly set us at our ease, answering our questions and demystifying the process. He has been readily available for questions and guidance regardless of day or time, and has gone out of his way to accommodate our wants and needs.”

    — Charlotte Selig, Psy.D., and MaryAlice Kramer
    (daughter & mother), Newark

    “Working with Will over the past 32 years has been pleasant and professional.  Will demonstrates vast knowledge in all facets of the real estate business.  He represents his clients and customers brilliantly.”

    — Cindy Johnston, RE/MAX

    “We needed somebody to defend our position during a difficult real estate transaction. God brought Will Webber to us at just the right moment. Will says our meeting was due to his excellent marketing. Who knows? The results were perfect! Will Webber exceeded all of our expectations and delivered on every promise he made! Will is a rare and highly motivated advocate!”

    Anoymous Buyer & Seller, Bellefonte, DE

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    “Why?” is the most important question.

    Is this an estate sale?  Are you moving up?

    “What” is important too.

    What if disclosures are incomplete?  What is the best offer to make?  What price do we list?

    The answers depend on you.  No two transactions are the same.  And even in simple transactions, laws are changing all the time.  Forms change.  Procedures change.

    The real estate industry is a huge machine. Pitted with potholes.  And the occasional bad actor.

    It’s a road I’m very familiar with.  Let me drive.